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Wealth creation

And success planning

Our commercial aptitude combined with strong technical knowledge and experience allows us to deliver high quality advice.

We help our clients make smart financial decisions now enabling achievement of key future goals.

  • Wealth creation: we take into account ‘the whole picture’ and look for ways that we can improve your financial arrangements to help create, protect and grow your wealth. This approach applies to how we work with individuals as well as for businesses.
  • Business diagnostics and financial health checks: we check that your business is as competitive, focused and profitable as it can be, then offer strategies to address those issues which require immediate action.
  • Personal diagnostic: we assess ‘What’s Important To You?’ to determine which areas require focus and attention along with strategies to achieve identified goals.
  • Retirement planning: our expert professional partners develop strategies to reduce your tax, maximise your superannuation, build your capital, secure an income stream and organise your assets and savings in order to achieve your plans for retirement.
  • Self-Managed Super Funds: superannuation law is a delicate area and personalised planning is required for each individual. We are superannuation experts who can assist in establishing a superannuation fund that will effectively enable you to reach your financial retirement goals.
  • Succession planning: whether buying a business, conducting pre-sale analysis or selling a business, our services incorporate every stage of the process. Significantly lessen the chances of purchasing an unsuitable business or not receiving the maximum value if you are selling.
  • Virtual Board Chairman: free up your time to grow the business rather than getting tied down with internal administration. Designed specifically for SMEs, C3 Virtual Board Chairman partners provide your company with a high level of business management and analysis without the employment of a permanent executive. Looking to achieve the right work life balance this service is for you.

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